Main Responsibility:

1, Handling with customer for claims from 0km and fields, lead and track the analysis with internal team, 8D report submission in time to customers.
2, Responsible for the validation and approval with customers for the 4M changes.
3, Monitoring the quality performances in customer portals.
4, Training the operators and GP12 inspectors for the part requirements from customers.
5, Weekly and Monthly Quality Performance report updates.
6, Accomplishes the other tasks which assigned by supervisor.

Key Qualification:

1, Over 3 years automotive industry experiences;
2, Familiar with European OEMs (VW, BMW ) requirements;
3, Good English reading and speaking;

4, Mechanical / Electronical engineering related;
5, Five manuals quality tools(SPC, FMEA, MSA, 8D, CP);

6, Bachelor degree or above;

7, proficiency in English;

8, Positive to communication.